X-Wing: Rogue Squadron, Chapter 27, Part 2

will: Okay, so, you know what they say about the week between Christmas and New Year’s being untimed time? It’s true. Sorry this one went up late. Anyway.

Welcome back, readers, and we hope your Christmas, if you celebrated it, was enjoyable. We’re picking up where we left off with the second half of Chapter 27 of X-Wing: Rogue Squadron, wherein we learn even more about what a massive clusterf–erm, what a mess the first Blackmoon mission was, and maybe, how the second one will work.

z: {quietly sneaks in}

I’m traveling I’m visiting my family abroad I’m taking a brea–okayokayI’m still working a tiny bit and got repertoire stuff to do for the orchestra as well but I’m traveling and it’s sort of a break okay?!

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X-Wing: Rogue Squadron, Chapter 27, Part 1

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to Chapter 27 of Rogue Squadron, wherein old habits dying hard sometimes makes for good intel, if delayed.

In personal news, I’m getting ready for a trip, and a winter break, which is the first break I’ll be taking from doing any orchestra work since I hahahaha I kid I’ll be working from home finalizing repertoire edits and arranging. But hey, at least I’ll be arranging.

will: Also, I just want you to know: for reasons surpassing understanding (actually I think I know, it was basically a dare), Z, who started this week, wrote the whole thing in Comic Sans font.

Meantime, I also get a winter break, as my office is closed from the end of today until after the New Year. Peace, quiet, and sleeping in. Ahhhhhhh.

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X-Wing: Rogue Squadron, Chapter 24

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to Chapter 24 of Rogue Squadron, wherein whyyyyyyyyy.

In personal news, we had an extremely successful Fall concert, including the world premiere of an original composition that was very well-received. We’re taking three weeks of break, then the Spring rehearsals begin. Which means I have two weeks to get the Spring repertoire in order.

What break?

will: Things are quiet up here. December is looking hopefully pretty smooth.

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Thanksgiving Break

will: *yawn* Oh hey. Sorry–just woke up. Tryptophan, you know. Gets you every time.

Hey, wait, why are you here? Did we–*checks*–we completely forgot to warn you we’re taking the week off for Thanksgiving here in the US, didn’t we.

Well, I suppose that’s only fair, since we didn’t know we were until…this morning, really.

Come back next week for Z, with a case of the Ys.

X-Wing: Rogue Squadron, Chapter 23, Part 2

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to the second part of Chapter 23 of Rogue Squadron, wherein Corran has another visitor.

In personal news, oh hey I’ve a concert this Sunday. Montgomery County Cultural Arts Center, Silver Spring, MD; 4 pm.

will: I… am not going anywhere for a while! I mean, well, work and stuff. But Thanksgiving is a local affair this year and I don’t have any more out-of-area travel planned until…huh. February I think? At least not yet.

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