Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, “The Band’s Tale,” Part 1

will: Welcome one and all to the first part of the first Tale from the Mos Eisley Cantina: “We Don’t Do Weddings: The Band’s Tale” by our current bete noire, Kathy Tyers.

Just when I thought I was out…

Let’s dispense with one matter right now: yes, the Star Wars universe features a style of music that, while we would call it swingy or even jazz, is officially called “jizz.” Apparently the term was first mentioned as “jizz-wailing” in the novelization of Return of the Jedi, but it was here that it first became “jizz.” And yes, that is also a rather crude term that I’m not going to dwell on. We’re trying to be PG-13 here, except maybe for the swearing, so enough, we’re moving on.

z: Potentially unnecessary, but: I am in complete agreement with my esteemed colleague here.

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The Truce at Bakura, Retrospective

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to our retrospective on The Truce at Bakura, wherein… well.

In personal news, I broke a toe Monday night. Which isn’t a metaphor for anything; I actually did. Which makes this draft a bit late, but hopefully we’ll get it in on time.

will: We’ll manage. I’ll keep you guys posted as usual what time I’m doing the formatting though.

(11:30 on Thursday night. Not even close to a record.)

This weekend, I’m off to Contata in north Jersey (making this not so much a trip as a staycation weekend). I highly doubt I’ll see you at this one.

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The Truce at Bakura, Chapter 20, Part 2

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to Part 2 for Chapter 20 in The Truce at Bakura, wherein if mind control won’t work, emotional control will have to suffice, and also gah.

will: And also, how easy everything ends up. Z mentioned the ridiculously low maintenance of the sic semper tyrannis wrap-up of Nereus last week, and it’s almost weird to be complaining because (at least at this point, 1994 or so) Star Wars was deep into The Revolution Will Not Be Vilified territory, but this all feels so…clean.

z: In personal news, this is the first three-rehearsal week of the season, but it won’t be the last. This is not a complaint. I have described one of the pieces I am playing in to a friend as “It’s a musical baby Groot”: It’s small, it’s cute, and it’s sassy in places. More rehearsals equals more times I get to play it, so…

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The Truce at Bakura, Chapter 20, Part 1

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to Chapter 20 of The Truce at Bakura, wherein sic semper tyrannis, only, in as paint-by-numbers a way as possible.

This past weekend was the Memorial Day weekend in the USA, the highlights of which contain, for me, six hours of yardwork (ow ow ow), at least six hours of piano practice (don’t know the exact length, but after a certain point, you start feeling that yes, this does consume around 100 calories per hour, the same as walking) including learning a piece that was brand new for me (that was composed by a friend, and is lovely), and meeting Will for dinner (which we had at a seafood restaurant at Fells Point in Baltimore, wherein lobster ravioli and crab mac&cheese were had), which is always fun and more than.

will: For me it was Balticon, most of which was spent in the filkroom, or at dinner with Z. And now, holy crap, it’s June. How did that happen?

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The Truce at Bakura, Chapter 19

will: Welcome back to The Truce at Bakura. I’m taking the lead this week, because Z is swamped, and let’s just say, she owes me one for this.

z: I can’t deny anything in that statement, frankly. But luckily, Will’s going to be in town this weekend for Balticon, and chances are I’ll see him at some point, so there’ll at least be a drink or something.

will: Yup, that’s where I’ll be.

Also, normally I don’t mark the date for the whole “Star Wars Day” thing, or honestly the Glorious 25th of May for Pratchett fans either, but the fact that yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars does seem like the kind of thing that’s worthy of a moment of pause and reflection.

40 years. And, for all its ups and downs, bad times and good, it cannot be denied that it’s still going strong.

z: Yes. And it has definitely been an influencing factor in people’s lives. {raises glass to Will}

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The Truce at Bakura, Chapter 18

will: Welcome back, loyal readership–at least, we assume you’re loyal, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading, right?–to the end of the truce at Bakura. But not the end of The Truce at Bakura. Er.


Things are pretty quiet here, though I believe Z is about to regale us with some more Tales of the Orchestra. Got any good stories for us, Z?

z: And ’tis late spring, wherein the thoughts of a librarian turn to getting all the music out individually to all the people who are playing in the midsummer small ensemble showcase. Which I in fact managed to finish last night; the last piece that went out was one that I was arranging.

Go figure.

Official rehearsals start next Thursday. My first rehearsal is actually this Saturday. The nature of the small ensemble beast means I’ll be attending anywhere from two to four rehearsals per week, and this is supposed to be the easy season. But it’s fun :D.

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