The Truce at Bakura, Chapter 16

will: Welcome back, readers, to The Slog Through Bakura.

OK, this one isn’t as bad as all that. But still.

In other news, we’ve made it to May, which also means we’re coming up on the 40th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars. Incidentally, it’s also the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which is why we got this.

z: I note that you’re pre-emptively answering my “why” there.

will: Also, because it was there. You know how it goes.

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The Truce at Bakura, Chapter 15

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to Chapter 15 of The Truce at Bakura, wherein finally we hit a scene that I unreservedly love.

Well. Mostly unreservedly anyway.

will: You use that word “unreservedly.” I do not think it means what you think it means.

And it won’t make up for the stuff that is not lovable, I’m afraid.

z: In personal news, I’m just about done with a new arrangement that I took on because of a request, and in the process have written, for the first time, for instruments I do not play (violin, viola, cello and flute–as I have been saying ElseNet, I think a learning curve must have kicked my puppy in another life or something).

will: Things are quieter here. Finished Mass Effect: Andromeda, so I’m back on the Overwatch train when I’m not working through Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment (Shovel Knight and its bonus modes are probably the best ’80s-90s game the 2010s could ever make), work proceeds apace with all of its mostly fascinating but occasionally frustrating projects, and when it comes to the wider world, well, as I put it on Twitter the other day, “Jesters unite, you have nothing to lose but your senses of humor and let’s be real, those went sour decades ago.” I know my role in keeping the world spinning.

z: I like your slogan. Reminded me of this entire, NSFW, but fantastic blog entry by Chuck Wendig: “How to Create Art and Make Cool Stuff in a Time of Trouble.”

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The Truce at Bakura, Chapter 14

will: Welcome, gentlebeings, to Chapter Fourteen of The Truce at Bakura, in which…look, if you know what the letters “RSA” mean, you might want to skip this for the sake of your sanity. Or grab a drink.

In personal news, I’m still living the bachelor life, which was useful when I had to stay late at work a couple of days this week, and I’m finally achieving some flow state with Mass Effect: Andromeda. But really, it’s not as good as the trilogy was, and even the multiplayer won’t be as regular an occurrence as Overwatch. I mean, I’ll play when my friends are playing, but that’s about it.

z: On my side of personal news, I had all of… four? Yes, four days of inter-season respite before I crashed right into “Small ensemble repertoire? What small ensemble repertoire? Oh, you mean this small ensemble repertoire…” But once that’s set, rehearsals aren’t going to begin for another month, so I will have an actual respite.

I may even play Andromeda, believe it or not.

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The Truce at Bakura, Chapter 13

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to Chapter 13 of The Truce at Bakura where ewwwwww eeesh yeeeeeeesh ew ew ew brb shuddering forever. Oh, also, people who have been involved in intrigue and covert operations and espionage all their lives suddenly have no idea how to behave in such situations, because Plot.

will: Or, indeed, failure to Plot. But yeah.

z: (So yeah. Consider yourselves warned. And please for the love of little kitties, don’t read this chapter’s commentary if you have had food poisoning recently, are extra-squeamish about that, or feel extra tension about parasites and such. Go here instead, I’m not kidding.)

will: …OK, in respect to the parasitophobic among us, I’m refraining from a comment, but you left yourself wide open.

(Seanan McGuire is a personal friend. These days, parasites are just part of the background radiation of absurd conversations in my life.)

z: On the personal side of things: Had concert last Saturday, and it went impossibly, improbably well. I’m still resting and relaxing from the impact of that, and discovering that it’s in fact going to take a while. But we’ll see.

will: The concert was indeed amazing. I’m very glad I could make the trip.

Speaking of trips, my wife has just headed to England for two weeks, so in the meantime, KEGGER! Woo! Wait, no. Mass Effect, Overwatch, and a surprising number of concerts/outings. Not that she would have had a problem with them or anything, it’s just that the timing works out this way.

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The Truce at Bakura, Chapter 12

will: Welcome all, to this week in The Truce at Bakura, which as I intimated last week will have a Most Awkward Party, as well as a Most Awkward Sibling Interaction and a Most Horrifying Development. It’s a Most week.

If you’re reading this as it goes up, you still have a day to hie thee to the WMGSO show tomorrow, April 8. Further, my co-writer sayeth:

z: …that a) said show will be in Rockville High School at Rockville, MD, at 7 pm, and tickets are available online for one entire dollar cheaper, and b) said show is an extraordinary one and promises to be very, very interesting for a number of reasons. So if you’re around, I’d love to see you there.

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The Truce at Bakura, Chapter 11

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to Chapter 11 of The Truce at Bakura, wherein there’s some healing and some clueing.

In my world, there’s some rehearsing and then some more rehearsing, punctuated by a performance at a fundraiser Friday night for some added color.

will: Pretty quiet here–well, Mass Effect Andromeda came out, but if I say anything about it, I’m sure Z–who is a bit busy at the moment, has she mentioned that? She hasn’t started–will exact terrible spoilery vengeance.

z: Oh, you do that, and you will have to go to Andromeda-the-actual-galaxy to escape my wrath. Even that may not be far enough. It’s coming closer to the Milky Way, you know, the galaxies will eventually merge.

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The Truce at Bakura, Chapter 10

will: Welcome back to Force Visions, all, where we’re out of the dinner party and into the fire.

z: That… isn’t exactly the most comfortable metaphor for someone who’s looking down the barrel of seven rehearsals and two performances in the course of the next two weeks, but who’s counting. (There’s a fundraiser one week before the main concert, and I’ll be doing two completely different pieces in that.)

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