A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away…

Will: Welcome, everybody! I’m Will, and that’s Z–

Z: –hi!

Will: Ahem. Yes. This is Force Visions. We’re two old-school Star Wars nerds–

Z: Readers.

Will: Right. Readers. Two of those.

Z: Old-school, as in “Han shot first,” as in “I don’t have ‘midichlorians’ in my dictionary and let me talk your ear off about the inadvisability of trying to explain mythology,” as in “get off my lawn Endor forest clearing.”

Will: How is it you’re interrupting me? I’m supposed to be the loudmouth here.

Z: Learning from the master.

Will: Always two there are Anyway. With the recent announcement of the Star Wars Legends reorganization, (save it for another post, Z), we’ve decided to go back to the place we spent far too much time in our formative years: the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Specifically the books and comics.

Z: Specifically the good ones. Because I don’t feel like rehashing old grievances, however well-justified they are. I mean, those were the times when we had actual paper books which could literally be thrown against the wall–and many were–but ars longa, vita brevis, and I really do not want to spend any more vita on those.

Will: Right. We’ll save that for the comments sections.

Z: Trying to generate flamewars?

Will: Controversy sells.

Z: Fine, but you’re moderating those.

Will: *grumble grumble* The idea is, we’re going to go through the Expanded Universe, one piece of source material at a time, and every week we’ll post our thoughts on the next chunk–chapters, issues, sections, whatever it is. We’ll talk about what we remember, where we see good foreshadowing, where we notice new things or cool stuff we forgot.

Z: Or things we see differently now, from a fifteen-years-removed perspective.

Will: We’ll keep to a Friday posting schedule (US time), and we hope to get some discussion going in comments.

Z: The first source we’re going to go through is Heir to the Empire, which should not come as a surprise.

Will: For that we’re definitely going to use the 20th Anniversary Edition, which has all sorts of extra footnotes and commentary by Zahn himself and some of the editors at Bantam.

Z: I’ll post page numbers because I didn’t buy the books electronically. Yet.

Will: Cheaper on the walls and the e-readers that way, huh?

Z: Yuuuup.

Will: We’ll be experimenting with the format for a while, whether chat-style like this or more essay-by-essay (depending on whether we’re in the same city, as we are now, or separated by the usual several hundred miles, or whatever).

Will: So, look for our first post next week, on the first chunk of Heir to the Empire.

Z: And may the Force be with you.


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