Shadows of the Empire, Chapter 5

will: Welcome back, honored guests and readership! Here’s chapter 5 of Shadows of the Empire, in which it’s just like old times. But this time we have to be shown all of it.

In personal news…I am really, really exhausted. This is week…I don’t even know…of quarantine, of moving, of difficulty. I need a break. We all do.

z: Amen. I had a very difficult week too; no need for details. But differently difficult than Will’s.

will: But we keep rolling on.

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Shadows of the Empire, Chapter 4

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to Chapter 4 of Shadows of the Empire, wherein whatever.

In personal news, Steam had SW games on sale recently so I actually bought the game of this multimedia extravaganza. We’ll see if and when I get to play it.

will: I figure I’ll do color commentary from the sidelines when she does.

z: Also, I owe Will about a million weeks at this point, so I’m taking the lead this week also.

will: Moving is technically still ongoing. We’re on a degree of break from it this weekend, but back to it next week, and even when it’s done, we’ll be in a boxed-stuff existence for a while. Oy.

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Shadows of the Empire, Chapter 3

z: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Chapter 3 of Shadows of the Empire, wherein someone tries to make something and someone tries to unmake someone else.

In personal news, I had a 60 hour workweek by Thursday, and am currently trying to remember that I am a human who does other things as well. So.

will: I had a normal-ish work week, and a not normal non-work week, as it is moving weekend. It’s Thursday night as I write this and my arms are so exhausted I can barely snap my fingers on my left hand.

Here’s hoping your quarantine week went better, readers!

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Shadows of the Empire, Chapter 2

will: Welcome back, all, to chapter 2 of Shadows of the Empire, where

In personal news, I’m covering for Z because she has had A Week. I’m gearing up for my upcoming inter-city move, but other than that, my biggest problem is that my sourdough starter is being really finicky. (Yes, yes, I’m a cliche.)

z: Z is still having a week, if we want to be precise. And she has lost all sense of humor about it.

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Shadows of the Empire, Chapter 1

will: Welcome back, readers, to chapter 1 of Shadows of the Empire, in which…yeah, I did not remember some of the things in here, and maybe that’s for the best.

In the meantime, though, check out this article in the Irish Times from last year about Shadows, and its place in Star Wars history. Worth a quick read.

In personal news…more of the same, with added moving. We’ll be moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan by June 1. Whee.

z: My personal news is that there are no personal news, alas.

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Shadows of the Empire, Prologue

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to–oh hey, it’s a new book! Welcome to Shadows of the Empire, which starts with a prologue, for once. But we’ll get there in a minute.

In personal news, I may soon have a Soundcloud. Stay tuned.

will: Quarantine, week…I’ve lost count. Big news from me this week is that as a consequence of family changes, my wife and I are moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan. This is a generally positive thing, but the change is effective (and our Brooklyn lease is up) on May 31, so that gives us five weeks and change to pack up our Brooklyn place…and we’re not currently living there, being up at the lake house. We’ll be making a bunch of trips home…we’ll manage, but it will be a stressor.

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