X-Wing: Wedge’s Gamble, Chapter 31

will: Happy Week after the Day of the Turkey, and here’s hoping you were safely inside last Friday, which is now International (seriously, I’ve seen references from other countries) Shopping Mania Day. I’m Will, that’s Z, and we’re into chapter 31 of Wedge’s Gamble, wherein we get maybe a little too much of someone’s inner thoughts.

z: I had no choice but to be inside because I had a metric ton of scores and parts to publish, give or take.

This week I have a metric ton of scores and parts to edit, give or take, so it’s not let up yet.

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Thanksgiving Break, 2019

will: Hey gang! As with last year, Z and I took Thanksgiving week off from doing a chapter. (Again, we sort of didn’t decide until after last week’s post was done, or I would have mentioned it. At least this time we knew about it before the day of, though, right?)

Hope your holiday, if you’re American, was good; hope your week was good even if it wasn’t a holiday, and we’ll see you next week right here.

X-Wing: Wedge’s Gamble, Chapter 30

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to Chapter 30 of Wedge’s Gamble, wherein a plan is made and old friends meet again.

In personal news: Repertoire for next season birthing pains in progress. So what’s new.

will: Z is redeeming some of the markers she owes me by taking lead this week. My week wasn’t awful, just busy; lists of sidequests (doesn’t that sound better than “errands”?) a mile long. I have been doing some experiments with Instant Pot recipes lately, though, and they’ve been working really well. (Also I expanded my list of spices on hand. But, like the heathen I am–Alton Brown forgive me, I’m a busy man–I’m using a lot of preground spices and premixed mixes like garam masala.)

z: {laughs a little frantically at the idea of not using preground spices}

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X-Wing: Wedge’s Gamble, Chapter 29

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to Chapter 29 of Wedge’s Gamble, wherein did you or did you not see what you saw or what?

In personal news: Fall concerts, done, and they were glorious. I got to see Will (and other mutual friends of ours) and that was amazing. Spring repertoire scramble: Full on. Work scramble: Also full on; I’ve got a design deadline and a proposal deadline. Whee.

will: Hell month has ended, just in time for the holidays to start spinning up. Whee? But things are quieter here than they were, so there’s that.

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X-Wing: Wedge’s Gamble, Chapter 27

will: Welcome back, readers. My hellmonth is officially over by the time you read this, but Z is caught in the middle of her two weeks of hell, with a concert tomorrow and another next week, see below for more on that, so I’ve got the lead this week. We’re aboard Ackbar’s flagship, Home One, with a conversation I actually like, even if I wouldn’t have expected to.

z: In personal news, I like have a concert tomorrow or something. NBD.

(The one next Saturday, simply because of the better venue, will be a Bigger Deal. Also because yay Will is attending yay.)

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X-Wing: Wedge’s Gamble, Chapter 26

will: Welcome back, and it’s time to play Coincidence Cavalcade! Corran drops in, and Our Heroes regroup–literally, as the makeup of their group changes.

Hellmonth is almost done for me, which puts me about two weeks ahead of Z for the whole “able to breathe” thing. By this time next week, I should be free.

z: …make that “five weeks.” Next season’s rehearsals start either just before Thanksgiving or just after Thanksgiving, and the way things are shaping up, the repertoire prep is going to be one of the most memorable ones.

Oh, also two quarterly reports and a BigHugeDemo and a wafer layout design due within the same five weeks. The Demo, tomorrow, in fact.

Save me some oxygen?

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