Shadows of the Empire, Chapter 18

will: Welcome back, readers, and thank you for your indulgence these last few weeks as life just reaches up and slaps us across the face. Hopefully we won’t need to skip any more weeks, but hope in one hand, 2020 in the other…

z: …I wish your analogy had been less apt.

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Skip Week: September 18, 2020

will: Human plans, 2020 laughs. We didn’t want to take another skip week–we didn’t want to take the first one!–but this week brought with it such gems as “well, one of the vendors that Z urgently needed delicate, sterile things from is, uh, in southern Oregon, and there ain’t no HEPA filter made…” and “Will’s clients want clearances on how many names? And they want to announce when?”

But in the interests of having something to say, I figured I’d recommend a couple of things that have been making me happy during this interminable year of 2020.

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Shadows of the Empire, Chapter 17, Part 1

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to Chapter 17 of Shadows of the Empire, wherein oh hey wait is there an actual original character in this book that I may halfway like? But I won’t get as far because… well, you’ll see?

In personal news: work, aaaaaa, All The Editing, VERY aaaaaaaaa.

will: A week up in the country can do wonders for your disposition.


(I kid–I’m OK.)

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Skip Week: August 28, 2020

will: Hi all!

z: Hi. I’ve got a monthly report due on Saturday, All The Editing continues unabated, and also… well, let me quote from what I wrote ElseNet a couple of days ago:

Today, in “Weirdly Difficult E-mails I Wrote as a Soprano Section Leader:”

“So, I’m aware that this is likely to get me nominated for Understatement of the Year Award, but: This season is going to be a little different.” (How do you symphony-orchestra in the middle of a pandemic, as part of its musical leadership? It turns out, by more flexibility than you thought you possessed, by seats of pants you didn’t know you had, by skins of teeth you weren’t aware were there, and by really, really hoping that your performing membership also has some pants and some teeth-skins, similarly.)

So yeah, we’re starting virtual rehearsals one week, and I’m trying to publish the music (with extra backing tracks this time) as the Librarian, figure out how I’m going to run the sectionals (because that’s what rehearsals are going to be, and online) as the Section Leader, trying to nail down the best practices as part of the audio editing team, and help work out the forest-not-trees “how does this work at all anyway?” as part of the musical leadership. Somewhere in there I will also need to record my own parts as a performer, but that’s so… far away and small right now.

So in the middle of all of that:

will: Yeah, we’re taking a skip this week. Honestly, I think Z might need it just to keep from Dorothy Parkering her Kindle.

z: And there’s that, especially re: one plot “””reveal””” in this chapter.

will: In truth I checked, and it isn’t as bad as it appears here…still, it’s annoying.

z: Yes, I calmed down a little bit too when I read the rest of the chapter. That’s actually why I didn’t want to write a quick slapdashy ARRRRRRRRGH-post.

will: Which isn’t to say that the chapter is particularly good, or the book for that matter. I have to admit that while I knew there would be some clunkers, which ones the clunkers are has been surprising to me. I remembered Truce at Bakura and this one more fondly than I’m enjoying them now.

Well, I was a teenage boy, I think I was constitutionally incapable of having taste.

Still. Just goes to show, time and life move on.

And so will we, this week. No chapter, just a bit of blather from us, and then you can go along your way. We’ll be back next week with chapter 17 of Shadows of the Empire, where once again, authors just don’t understand other authors’ ideas of naming, a planet-sized İstanbul (sort of), and Luke really being as young as he is.

Shadows of the Empire, Chapter 15

z: Hello, gentlebeings, and welcome to Chapter 15 of Shadows of the Empire, wherein really, really, do I have to. Really.

will: Sooner or later we were gonna.

z: Oh no.

In personal news, this in particular, this in general, and please subscribe to the channel to be notified when new pieces are released, which will be once a week on Monday nights. (That last also means that yep, I am still Editing All the Things.)

will: I had a week of lakehouse, though not vacation as such, and it was really nice.

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Shadows of the Empire, Chapter 12

will: Welcome back, readers. Z is underwater again, something about trying to put together a concert series and a job, I don’t know, I heard her mutter something about too much vibrato and then it was all banging and high notes, plus the occasional spark, so I’m here for chapter 12 of Shadows of the Empire.

z: I might have converted my walk-in closet to a recording booth by hanging blankets and spent 8 solid hours in there Saturday night (because I can only record after my attic fan shuts off) with my recorder and doing vocals, and also might have spent another 16 hours or so sitting at my piano laying down tracks with direct line-in and then I might have been editeditediting non-stop except for work hours since then but I’m not admitting to anything.

will: Things are calmer here in NYC, and the heat and humidity might be breaking a little bit, Force willing.

z: Here it is “seriously strong afternoon/evening thunderstorms” season, whee.

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